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Regular General Monthly Meetings
Regular general monthly membership meetings of the Gulf Coast CEO Forum members are usually on the second Wednesday of each month. These meetings are for networking at the highest level and include an hour of professional development with a cutting-edge speaker on a wide range of topics.

Roundtables are a format in which 10-15 of the same members (in non-competing businesses) get together monthly to discuss one or two of the members' hottest issues or problems, with the help of a group of peers, in a completely confidential and safe environment.

R-Nights are a "Happy Hour" concept, usually on the fourth Tuesday or Thursday of every other month, 5:30-7:30PM, at varying locations. Members need not make reservations. "No agendas, no formalities and no solicitation" is the rule. It's a casual, fun night for members-only (and prospective member guests) to get together.

Members are encouraged to get to know members, and to host them at their place of business or the venue of their choice. With assistance from the CEO Forum office, a member may choose a date, time and place to host their gathering. The host picks up the tab. A fun and PERSONAL topic is up for discussion, guaranteed to help members get to know each other as something more than their CEO titles!

Board Meetings 
The business of the CEO Council organization is conducted by a Board of Directors for the benefit of the membership, usually on the third Thursdays of every other month. If members are interested in attending they are welcome to do so and should RSVP with either the Executive Director, Kim Miele, or the Administrative Director, Tonia Attard.

Other Events
There are two "Socials" a year - outings with spouses or significant others for entertainment and casual fun. There is also a sporting event for members to take a day and enjoy competition and camaraderie. We also partake in co-sponsorships with other organizations on events with interesting topics, on occasion, for the benefit of our members.


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